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  • 16 December 2017, 2de Pediatrisch pijnsymposium, Elzenveld, Antwerpen
    Info: see program

  • 17 November 2017, Pijnbestrijding bij kinderen/Prise en charge de la douleur de l'enfant, Palais des Congrès, Liège.
    Info: see program here

  • 21 October 2017, La douleur neuropathique, CHU Tivoli, La Louvière
    Info: see program here  

  • 21 October 2017, 2de Pediatrisch pijnsymposium, Jessa Ziekenhuis, campus salvador, Hasselt.
    Info: see program here

  • Hypnosis course 2017-2018, Liège
    Info: see program here + formulaire pre-inscription

  • 17 October 2017: 5ème rencontre "Douleurs de l'enfant" Cité Miroir, Place Xavier Neujean 22, Liège (organised by CHR de la Citadelle, Liège).
    Info: see program here

  • From 19 Sept 2017 (for 5 non-consecutive days) VHYP - Hypnotische communicatie in Medische settings 2017, UZA.
    Info: http://www.vhyp.be/agenda?task=calendar.event&id=133 

  • 16 September 2017, 'La Lombalgie en 2017...' Congress morning organised by Ste Elisabeth à Heusy, Hôtel Verviers. Click here for program. Registration via frederic.louis@chc.be ou tél 087/213538

  • 6-9 September 2017, 10th Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC, Copenhagen - Denmark.
    Info: see http://www.efic2017.kenes.com/ 

  • European Pain Federation Examination for the Diploma in Pain Medicine.

    Please find here the general information on our website.

    Please find here the ‘information for participants’ concerning the Examination.

    Please find here the registration portal.

    Date: Saturday 9th September

    Time: TBC – for 90 minutes between 14:00 and 18:00

    Location: Bella Center, 5 Center Boulevard, København, 2300, Denmark – room TBC

  • 6-8 September 2017, 6th World Congress of Clinical Safety, IARMM, Ambasciatori Palace Hotel, Rome, Italy.
    Info: http://www.iarmm.org/6WCCS/

  • 31 August - 2 September 2017, 5th World Congress on Controversies, Debates & Consensus in Bone, Muscle & Joint Diseases (BMJD)

  • 10th June 2017 - Post-operative pain: An (un)resolved issue? - Belgian Pain Society Congress, Diamant Centre Brussels.
    Online enrolment via: http://www.belgianpainsociety.org/events/plenary

  • 7-9 June 2017, 7th International Symposium and workshops interventional pain medicine, WIP Benelux 2017, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
    More info: www.wipbenelux.org

  • 13-20 May 2017, Advanced Course on Chronic Pain, Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies, Siena, Italy.
    Info: http://www.nsas.it/courses-workshops/advanced-courses/chronic-pain-plasticity-and-therapeutic-perspectives/

  • 3-5 May 2017, 50th Anniversary Annual Scientific Meeting, The British Pain Society, Birmingham, UK.
    Info: https://www.britishpainsociety.org/2017-asm-birmingham/

  • 5 May 2017, Workshop - Meet the expert 'Exposure: ontstaan, evidence-based achtergrond en toepassing bij chronische pijn.
    Info: http://www.zolevents.be/meettheexpert/

  • 27 April 2017, Lezing Wetenschappelijke Raad ZOL, Nekpijn/Cervicobrachialgie
    Info: see website www.zol.be

  • 27 March 2017, International Symposium: "Making cancer less painful for children and parents" - Gent.
    Info: http://www.studiedagkinderkanker.be/

  • 9-11 February 2017, UZLeuven, 32nd Winter Symposium, Enhancing Safety in Anesthesia.
    Info: http://www.uzleuven.be/en/wintersymposium

  • 31 January 2017, Studiedag NVKVV, Algologische teams op in de vlucht
    Info: http://nvkvv.be/page?orl=1&ssn=&lng=1&pge=69&acy=1310






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